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Pictures of Tamra Barney from Real Housewives of Orange County (OC)

Left image: Canon 1D Mark IV 85mm f1.2 wide open / Right image: Canon 1D Mark IV 200mm f2.0 wide open

A couple of weeks ago, Dr. Milind Ambe, a top plastic surgeon here in Newport Beach and friend of our family, left me a voicemail asking if I could put together a last minute photo shoot for ‘Ambe Aesthetics’ a new line of skin care products that he and his wife Heidi Ambe developed.   They had been invited to an exclusive celebrity PR event at the SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills and needed images for a huge banner and new brochure.  Tamra Barney from Real Housewives of OC uses and loves Ambe Aesthetics skin care products and agreed to be the model for this shoot.

The shoot took place at Milind and Heidi’s house in Newport Coast just down the street from my house.  I spent about two hours with Tamra, who made this one of the easiest shoots ever, shooting in different rooms throughout the house and in the front courtyard.  Heidi and Milind’s house is so amazing and gorgeous with great natural light bouncing everywhere.  I brought a ton of lighting, but ended up leaving in the car and shooting this one 100% available light.

A special thanks to Tamra Barney‘s boyfriend Eddie Judge who helped out during the shoot.  This guy could probably be a stylist or a photographer if he ever wanted to quit his day job.

Pictures of Tamra Barney of Real Housewives of Orange County for Ambe Aesthetics

Both images shot with Canon 1D Mark IV 85mm F1.2

UFC 121 Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez Monday October 25, 2010 5:27PM PST MMA, Teasers

Brock Lesnar UFC 121 EntranceSaturday night I had the honor of photographing UFC 121 for a long time client of mine Merit Tully, Director of Media and Communications for the Honda Center.  More to come soon!

I’m here in NYC shooting Fall Market Week for Grace Ormonde Wedding Style Magazine.  It’s 1am and I’m completely spent after a long exciting day of shooting but I wanted to put up a quick teaser.    Actually… I just realized that Kat took off with all of my CF cards to back them up in her hotel room … I’ll dig up something.  Ok, The shots below are from the Douglas Hannant runway show last year.  More to come from this year’s runway shows soon!

Douglas Hannant Bridal Gowns on Runway in New York by MIKE COLON®

I saw God, Batman, and an Angel in Yosemite Sunday October 10, 2010 11:05PM PST Personal

Picture of Half Dome from Glacier Point - by Mike Colón

Photo:  Mike Colón

Sometimes getting away to the mountains helps clear my head.  It helps me see things the way they really are.  Last week, I took an RV road trip with 10 guys.  It started out a bit rough… 5:45am driving 100 mph in the carpool lane trying not to be the last one (thank you Edmund) to a church parking lot where we were swapping 10 cars for 2 RVs to begin our man-trip to Yosemite.  We made the first turn out of the church parking lot and a lost our huevos.  A case of 30 eggs flew out of the refrigerator creating a yellow river of yolk down middle of our new home.  Just the beginning…

A 12 inch cut from a barb wire fence, a large rock in the front grill of some poor girls car, and a collision with a tree were all sort of expected.  We were, after all, unleashed boys – no wives around to keep us out of trouble.  Male bonding at it’s best!  What was unexpected came later that evening while taking up Shaun (who wants me dead I think) on a dare to go out on a sketchy overhang 3,200 feet above the floor of Yosemite valley.

Glacier Rock Overhang Yosemite PicturePhotos: Derek Frenzel (left) and Gavin Wade (right)

Balanced carefully.. knees shaking.. staring death in the face… I saw God.  Not like the people you see on the news who find a shadow of Mother Mary on their backyard fence… well, kinda like that but I didn’t call the networks.  As I looked out into the clouds that were sweeping up the side of the cliff, it was like I was staring God in the face… and I couldn’t handle it.  It was a reality check… one that sent chills down my spine.  I allowed myself for a split second to think about the consequences of losing my balance or slipping.  I realized that I’m in no way ready to die.  I realized that I take life for granted and the clock is ticking.  I realized that every day is a gift from God and that my life is fragile.  I don’t want to waste another minute on the things that don’t matter.

Glacier Rock Overhang Yosemite Picture

Photos:  Eric Cotter (left) and Derek Frenzel (right)

The next morning at sunrise I must have wanted another close encounter so I climbed out onto another rock at the edge of the world. This time, when I turned around to get back to safer ground, my eyes shot upward to see what looked like batman descending out of the sky towards me.  It turned out to be a hawk who was hungry for some tall skinny guy.  He came close but didn’t finish the job because I was too fast and hit the deck (don’t laugh, you would too).  I couldn’t help but feel like I was out of balance with nature… like Matthew McConaughey in Failure To Launch.

It got me thinking about my life and how many things are out of balance.  I thought about my wife and all of the sacrifices she’s made for our family.  How she gets up in the morning with the babies so I can sleep.  How she’s given up so many of her dreams in music so she can stay home and raise our children.  Even the fact that she let me go on the trip leaving her at home with our 4 crazy kids.  While I was there laying in the back of the RV on the way down the Yosemite mountains, I saw her for what she really is… an angel.  Thanks baby for letting me take off and be Wild At Heart for a few days :)

A quick shout out to the guys (all of whom are talented photographers) who made this trip one for the history books.  Click on their names to see more images from the trip:  Austin Curtis (someone I can have a “real” talk with), Brandon Kidd (mature beyond his years.. thx for the nudge), Derek Frenzel (genuine and Godly), Edmund Prieto (fellow dare-devil, super talented), Eric Cotter (bloody mess most of the time, life of the party, smart), Gavin Wade (positive energy, giver), Gustavo Fernandez (always smiling, fun), Mike Larson (leader, cool and collected) and Shaun Austin (comedian, good heart, the man who made it happen!)