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Giveaway | The Kelly Moore Bag


Mike Colon Gives Away The Kelly Moore Bag

Mike Colon Gives Away The Kelly Moore Bag

Last year my assistant Kat introduced me to Louisiana based photographer Kelly Moore.  Not only is Kelly a talented photographer, she’s also an avid entrepreneur.  In 2010 she launched The Kelly Moore Bag, and shortly after sent one my way.

The Kelly Moore Bag is PERFECT:  the design is classic, it doesn’t fall over when you set it on the ground, and it fits most of my gear for an all day shoot.  I use it for practically every shoot these days.

Since Kelly Moore is sponsoring my upcoming WPPI Vegas Shooting Workshop I thought we would do a giveaway for a Kelly Moore Bag.

Here’s what you need to do:  Facebook or Twitter:  ‘I want to win a @kellymooreclark bag from @mikecolon.  Go here: to see how you can too’.  Then leave a comment on my blog for why you need/want/cannot live without a Kelly Moore Bag, and we will choose the winner by Friday January 14!

Good luck everyone, and thanks Kelly!

  1. Damaris Mia says:

    I want a Kelly Moore bag because I need something stylish to lug my equipment in. My frumpy bag is getting a little worn out and I don’t want to look like a frumpy lame photographer :)

    Btw, thanks to Kelly for donating a bag! And thank you Mike for holding this contest :)

  2. I’ve been dying to win one of Kelly’s bags for sometime now! Her bags are so chic and yet so functional. I want to have her POSEY bag so bad! I’ve entered basically every free giveaway she’s had in the past 3 months and have yet to catch a lucky break. =( Maybe this will be my lucky chance? =)

  3. Grace Kim says:

    Hi Mike! Did you mean next Wednesday the 19th? Do I get an extra drawing for catching that? ;) I would love a Kelly Moore bag because I would love a bag that doesn’t scream “EXPENSIVE CAMERA!” and I can take with me anywhere right after a shoot.

  4. Nara says:

    Ahhhh, because it’s the coolest looking camera bag around!? I am new to the business (a little over a year) and winning a new (and functional) camera bag would be the best business birthday/anniversary gift ever to start the new year!

  5. I am just starting out and a Kelly Moore bag would be awesome. Her bags are stylish AND functional. Like having a fashionable purse that just happens to hold your camera gear too. I would love, love, LOVE to have one … and would so rock it out!

  6. Hi Mike! I would love a Kelly Moore bag! I like the fact that it disguises the gear I’ve invested in, so that if I’m on a trip it doesn’t encourage Marv and Harrys to steal my camera bag. I love the colors and styles that Kelly offers… so much more up to date than basic black canvas camera bags. The bottom line? Pick me! I’d love to show of a new bag!

  7. Hi Mike! I’m taking a leap of faith and making the transition from wedding invitations to wedding/portrait photography – something I should have done to begin with (my own fears holding me back!). With all the equipment that is required (plus workshops), I’m finding it really difficult to come up with the money required to buy/do everything I need. Winning this would be an amazing opportunity both financially and professionally! Thanks!

  8. Who wouldn’t want a Kelly Bag??…they are stylin’, sexy, and practical. ;-)

  9. Vadim Daniel says:

    Hi Mike. I mast to have this bag! It’s really chic bag, elegant and classic looking. It doesn’t say that it’s photographer bag, which most important for me. While I shooting weding this bag can be really nice addition to elegant look of photographer.
    Thanks to Kelly for donating this bag!

  10. Mei says:

    I want a Kelly Moore bag because I want to be a walking advertisement for a great classic bag that won’t ever go out of style!

  11. Deb P says:

    How awesome is this? Thanks Kelly and Mike! I’d love to win the Kelly Moore bag because I’ve been using an old backpack to lug my gear around. As a new second shooter for two wedding photographers I think it’s time to look a little more professional! Good luck everyone!

  12. Dawn Beirnes says:

    I would love to win a Kelly Moore bag (for so many reasons)! I’m just getting started, so winning this awesome bag would be wonderful help…not to mention the bag is beautiful and awesome!

  13. because I get called boy photographer on the street…… the man bag would change my life.

  14. Raquel Cohen says:

    I need a Kelly Moore Bag so that I can show a little bit of style while doing what I love! Kelly Moore bags have such a great look and would compliment my style!

  15. Heidi Huber says:

    I’ve been really want a Kelly Moore bag since the introduction. I’ve coveted others showcasing them at WPPI last year, yet my financials won’t allow me to have a chic new bag.
    Thank you so much for allowing me this opportunity to enter this giveaway!

  16. umm.. who doesn’t need a Kelly Moore bag? I’ve been wanting one for a long time… it would be awesome to win one. It’s the best looking bag out there for our equipment and to allow us to remain fashionable!

  17. I tweeted and will post on my photography FB page. I love the functional design and of course the fashion sense of Kelly’s bags. I’ve enjoyed my other bag, but it is not perfect for me like this would be!

  18. Lyndsey says:

    I would love to win a Kelly Moore bag because I don’t have anything functional and attractive. I also travel and I hate walking through an airport with my camera bag and a purse…such a hassle and it would be so nice if it could all be contained in one bag! Oh, and because I LOVE her designs, they are fabulous!

  19. Lara Rios says:

    I Love Love Love Kelly Moore’s bags! Why? Because I always go somewhere else after a shoot, I never ever leave my gear in the car, so with the gorgeous Kelly Moore bags, I can carry my camera safely and still looks like I’m using a purse and not a camera bag!!! Love the designs and the colors!!!
    Hugs & Kisses from Florida :)

  20. Ann says:

    Thanks for the Chance to win one of these great bags!! I want one of these Kelly Moore bags more than ever because I am tired of looking frumpy. Her bags are stylish, roomy, and functional. Every photographer needs one of these beautiful bags.

  21. I’ve been on the hunt for a camera bag/purse combo for weeks & its come down to Kelly Moore or Jo Totes. If I could win one for free that would pretty much settle it :D

  22. Tenni Sunday says:

    A Kelly Moore bag giveaway? I love it!

    My life is incomplete without Kelly Moore’s B-Hobo in yellow. Sure, my Think Tank stuff is functional, but it’s oh so obvious… and it doesn’t match my shoes!

  23. I want it because the B-hobo is the perfect camera bag for me. I worry about my poor SLR and won’t just throw it in a backpack, but SO OFTEN I find myself wishing I had it by my side to whip it out and snap something! I need it because unless she has an awesome discount code sometime or I win one, I’ll probably never get one. I can’t live without it because I can’t live without taking pictures and this will enable that!

  24. Edwin Contreras says:

    Never heard about this bag, but looking at it… wow I really want one!

  25. Sharon says:

    I want a Kelly Moore bag because I love the style and colors, and the way Kelly had combined those two important elements with kickin’ functionality for all of my camera transport needs.

    FB post

  26. The last time my wife threw the DSLR in the bag for a shoot we smashed a lens somehow, it was just the clear filter (thank God for that) but it was still a scare. I’d prefer a stylish bag my wife feels comfortable carrying when she shoots and the Kelly Moore Bag would sure fit the bill. Please give me a bag so my wife will have a stylish bag to carry her gear in :)

  27. Briony says:

    I want to win a @kellymoore bag from @mikecolon! I posted it on facebook but you have too many friends, so I couldn’t link you. Hahah.

    I have been in search of the perfect camera bag for awhile now and have had my eye on the Posey Bag by Kelly…but all of her bags are awesome :)

  28. Here’s the thing. I need a Kelly Moore bag for one simple reason: my social life has taken a real hit and is rapidly disappearing. Who wants to hang out with the photographer who always has drool dripping down her chin every time someone ELSE walks by a KM bag on their shoulder? It’s embarrassing and really the only solution is for me love on a KM bag of my own. Clearly. :) To win the giveaway would be more than revamping my style and business, it’d be a service to the entire photographic community. ;)

  29. Sarah Carper says:

    My camera gear needs a fun and fabulous home! I have been looking at the kelly moore bags for a while and they are just fabulous! I would love the opportunity for a Kelly Moore bag to hold all my gear!

  30. Kerri says:

    I would love to win, but I am the most unlucky person I know. I’m a newbie photographer and feel a functional bag that is also gorgeous is exactly what I need to help me get out there and shoot, shoot, shoot!

  31. Alison S says:

    Oop! Meant to leave my twitter handle with my comment: snarkitechture

  32. Mary S says:

    Style, function and personality! Exactly what I need for my photo shoots! I would love to win one!

  33. I’m 6’1″ and people notice me. No hiding it. “There’s the tall blond photographer over there, get her.” So I’ll need to fashionable. My black Tamrac bag is not. KM bag will look smashing and I need that!

  34. Erin Potter says:

    I NEED a Kelly Moore bag!! I am an amateur, and I need to constantly be practicing, to get better. I need a Kelly Moore bag so that I can have my camera with me at all times, without having to carry a separate bag!!

  35. This is my first year and I just booked my 8th wedding! I need to start off right with a Kelly Moore bag! :) Look Feel Live Professionally with style. I tweeted, which was also my very first tweet!

  36. Kristin says:

    I’d love one!!! It would make travels and transportation of equipment a little easier and a little more fashionable!!!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  37. pinksade says:

    Tweeted @pinksade
    I need and want a Kelly Moore bag because I would LOVE to lug around my big camera in a GORGEOUS and stylish bag! Fashion + function = what’s not to love?

  38. There are lots of reasons, but a few include that they are so stylish, practical and this bag would work so much better than my current bag for all the travel photography I do. :) thanks for the contest!!!

  39. Well, Ive been eyeing the Kelly Moore Bags for quite some time. I really need a new bag because Im getting more lenses! Her web site videos are awesome because you can gain a better understanding of the products, and I mean how can you not buy something from somone who has such a cute southern accent?!?!

  40. nikki penny says:

    I have been looking at upgrading to a kelly moore bag for a while now because my current bag is falling apart. Sadly. Great give away.

  41. Kenneth says:

    Hi Mike, Images look great!

  42. Lark says:

    I want a kelly moore bag because those bags are awesome… functional and fashionable… so I don’t look like a dorky tourist!

  43. LAZARO says:

    Cheers mate and thanks for this fresh point of view, I really enjoed it.

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