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On Location with Mike Colón: Jamaica



I’m so excited to announce the coming new educational dvd “On Location with Mike Colón: Jamaica”!!  Ashley and her team at Fourth Floor Media have put so much hard work into the production of this video and it is going to be my best video to date!!!  I can’t wait for the full version to be available within the next couple of weeks!  For now, enjoy the trailer!

Cinematographer:  Ashley, Fourth Floor Media

Music:  ‘May it be a Sweet Sound’ by Adam Pasion from the Mike Colón Signature Series Vol I on Triple Scoop Music

  1. Stephen Knuth says:

    Scarlett & I had those coconuts on our recent honeymoon to Jamaica! So good!! Did you try the fresh sugar cane sticks too? Nice video, btw! :)

  2. Danny Hotea says:

    Ya Mon!

    If fish deh a river bottom an tell yu seh alligator have gum boil, believe him! (Listen to the voice of experience.)

    Looks sweet!

  3. Brandon says:

    Sweet video! I’m definitely looking forward to adding this to my Mike Colón collection :)

  4. Looking forward to it!! Hope you will have digital copies for sale :)

  5. Very Nice Mike! Can’t wait to see this!

  6. Great video man! Looking forward to picking it up.

  7. Ana Gabriela says:

    AWESOME!!!! can’t wait!!!!

  8. Richard Lam says:

    Sweet!! Looking forward to adding it to the collection Mike!

  9. Got goosebumps waiting for this visual experience!!!

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