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The Photography Parlour Feature


Last month I had the opportunity to be interviewed by Liesl from The Photography Parlour, a UK based photographer’s forum.  I’m excited to announce that the interview is now live.  To listen to the interview and learn more about The Photography Parlour CLICK HERE.

  1. Liesl Cheney says:

    Mike, Thanks for taking the time to be interviewed by The Photography Parlour – we really enjoyed hearing all your advice and more about who you are!

  2. Marlon Ming says:

    Hey Mike, I’m a relatively new photographer and I’m also a Christian and I want to let you know that interview really resonated with me. I love photography; and I’m in the process of figuring out what niche I want to specialize in. Lately I have been shooting models and I felt like this genre could be a stubbing block in my walk with God. I have a couple of editorial photography assignments and weddings coming up and so I will see if I enjoy. I have been praying about it and I think he really sent me to see that interview. Thanks a lot. Keep staying true to who you are!

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