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Summer | My Family



  1. Derek Green says:

    Wow, I love these. Thank you for sharing. I am about to have my second child (my wife is currently having a contraction)…My first has a lot of single portraits…I look forward to taking shots of both of my kids together.

    What lens did you use for this? Great work.


  2. Beautiful family Mike! I have twins (and more twins on the way!), crazy times indeed :)

  3. Jason Thon says:

    Mike, I can’t get over how much Aiden, seems to be a “mini mike”, personality and all! Good to see things seems to be going well with the family. MIss you guys and hope all is well.

  4. Karen Stott says:

    Oh my gosh Mike!!!! Your family is seriously the cutest! Our 4 year old would say it’s perfect because there is 3 boys and 1 girl… He’s always bugging us for more kids! lol! Thanks for sharing these precious photos with us. What a gift!

  5. Kara Layne says:

    STUNNING…that is one beautiful family, Mike :) And they are all mini versions of you!

  6. Raquel says:

    I love these lifestyle shots, you really captured their innocence. I have 3 aged 3, 2 and a baby but up until now they seem to run in opposite directions!

    I was also curious about which lens you used for these?

  7. Mike Colon says:

    Thanks everyone!! I shot these all with my 35mm f1.4.

  8. Corlis Gray says:

    You are one blessed dude Mike. I have 4 myself and there is nothing more rewarding in this life than being a father. :) (and mother…lol)

  9. Richard Lam says:

    These are great! Pics of your kids always gives me a great big smile and a little laughter. :D

  10. family is what it is all about…having great equipment makes them even more fun to capture!

  11. Jenny Hansen says:

    Beautiful family! Those pictures make me laugh. LOVE the shot of your daughter crying…too cute.

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