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Maurizio and Bailey | Part I


Vendor Information:

Production and Stylist:  Kat Harris

Female Wardrobe: Gown:  Julia Lovan Designs; Jewelry: 31 Bits; Belt: H&M; Earrings:  Anthropologie

Male Wardrobe:  Jacket and Pants:  Zara; Sweater and Collared Shirt:  Nordstrom’s

Models:  Bailey & Maurizio; Envy Model Mangagement

  1. Damaris Mia says:

    Mike!! Why are you such an amazing photographer? Great job :) Btw, the models have pretty awesome names!

  2. Chrissy says:

    Beautiful, Mike!!!

  3. Beautiful Mike. I always loved the classic simplicity of your photos that still have a uniqueness that is entirely your own.

  4. Scott Piner says:

    Awesome desert shoot. And I am really digging the 31 Bits jewelry.

  5. Gorgeous shoot! Love the colors & the ‘groom”s look!

  6. Amazing as always, Mike. Looks like a fabulous workshop

  7. pesh says:

    Nice stuff Mike!!! I am lovin’ the wider stuff :)

  8. ADAM Coberly says:

    Great shots Mike! Really nice lighting and amazing desert location. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Pat says:

    Nice! I like Your photo style and DOF of yours lenses:-)

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