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Monique & Erik | Part II


Location:  PCH in Malibu, CA.

  1. These are absolutely beautiful, Mike! Love, love, LOVE them!

  2. Jessica Frey says:

    Fantastic session, Mike! You can really see the easy love between these two – looks like everyone had a blast! I’m also hoping you used your 200mm for the PCH side of the rode shots :)

  3. beautiful set of images. Love your style!

  4. Jenny says:

    beautiful work:)

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  6. Eric Foley says:

    Beautiful session! Love the use of light and shadow.

  7. marco gatti says:

    Always incredible pictures MIke! all my respect man! your photos rock! ciao!!!!

  8. Mayra Fiori says:

    Incredibly beautiful and breathtaking.

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