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My Girl Tuesday May 29, 2012 2:21PM PST Personal

Just hours after taking delivery of my new Nikon D4 camera body last week, I headed up to the Big Bear Mountains to play in the snow with my family.  The drive was an adventure with more than 12 inches of new snow on the roads, and we woke up the next morning to a picture-perfect sunny day to play in the snow!

 I grabbed my new Nikon D4, and a few of my favorite lenses (Nikkor 70-200mm f2.8, 200mm f2.0, 85mm f1.4 and my 35mm f1.4) and headed outside to grab some shots of my wife and four kids playing in front of the house.  I had spent a couple hours the night before, after we got the kids settled in for bed, fiddling around with the settings and discovering a few of the new features the Nikon D4 had to offer.

Since I’m sort of a control freak when it comes to exposure and white balance, I shot mostly everything in manual mode and kelvin white balance.  I did however really play with the autofocus settings to test out the new face recognition feature.  It was pretty cool watching the camera lock onto my kid’s little faces and follow them around as I snapped away.  Although I am so used to controlling my focus selector from previous models like the D3 and D3s, this may be a feature I will continue to use on the D4 the more I learn to trust it.  One thing for sure is that the D4 is extremely fast and smooth in all autofocus modes but I’m sure it will take a few months to test and decide which modes I prefer the most.

One thing that stood out to me right away is how amazingly quiet the shutter is on the D4 compared to all previous flagship DSLRs Nikon has released. In “quiet mode” it’s even more impressive because I can control when the mirror lays back down.  The skin tones straight out of the camera seem accurate and true to what I saw when shooting.  My associate Kat pulled some of her favorites from my little family shoot and used a new Aperture film plugin she found called VSCO to process the images.  I like what she chose!  Hope you like them too!

Chloe tearing it  up on the sled

My wife looking hot as usual.. the pink speed disc is so in right now!

Aidan getting some air

Accidental product placement of the Kelly Moore Thirst Relief Bag so why not give it a link? The bag rules!

Evan took a few face diggers but that didn’t phase him.

Now that’s a snowball!

Her first taste of fresh tracks

Love my girls

Family Night | Personal Monday February 6, 2012 12:13PM PST Personal, Portrait

Jeremiah 29:11

Logan Plays Soccer | Personal Wednesday November 23, 2011 7:00PM PST Personal

We signed up my 4-year old son Logan for soccer this year.  So far it’s been a bit of a challenge to get him motivated to even participate.  I decided that instead of getting frustrated with him for not trying… I would sit back, let him be, and enjoy it through my lens for what it is :)

Logie got super shy….

Upcoming Mexico Trip | Photoserv Friday September 9, 2011 11:14AM PST Personal, Photographers, Workshops

If you have not heard of Photoserve; it’s an organization you should definitely check out.

After meeting countless photographers within our industry who shared this vision to not only document beauty and life, but to use that gift and talent to affect positive change in the world, photographers Matt Savage (of Avery House Photographers) and Tony Skarlatos founded Photoserve.  To do just that:  photos and serve.  Their vision to unite with other artists and create an avenue to use their gifts to affect change is both encouraging and challenging.

I am honored to be going on a trip to Acuña, Mexico this September 25-30th.  With a team of about 15 photographers we will be building a home for a family that is currently living on the streets.  I have no doubt that this trip will challenge and shape every person involved, and I cannot wait to go.  We still have a few spots left, and I would love you to join!

To learn more about PhotoServe and to sign-up CLICK HERE.

Summer | My Family Wednesday August 10, 2011 2:57PM PST Personal


Home | My family Thursday July 14, 2011 5:42PM PST Personal, Portrait

I’m heading home
Yeah, but I’m not so sure
That home is a place
You can still get to by train

So I’m looking out the window
And I’m drifting off to sleep
With my face pressed up against the pane
With the rhythm of my heart
And the ringing in my ears
It’s the rhythm of the Southbound Train

…Oh I’m headed home…
Jon Foreman Southbound Train

Kat | A Mike Colón Photographer Monday February 28, 2011 12:56PM PST News, Personal, Photographers

Like a guardian angel sent from heaven, Kat fell into our lives.

It was in late August, 2009.

God always knows the perfect timing.  Last minute!

Julie and I were expecting our twins to arrive just a few weeks later and having lost our full-time associate Rosanna (she got married and ran off to Atlanta.. booo!)…

We were in pretty bad shape with little hope of finding the right person before our lives were turned upside down.

I interviewed Kat a few times and was 100% sold.

I was actually sold within the first five minutes of the first interview when I saw the way she was with my kids.

Kat was no stranger to children.  She grew up practically raising her four younger sisters.

Her character shined and so did her smile.

She had great style and an outgoing personality.. both necessities in my business.

Julie and I both knew that she was the one.

To carry us into the eye of the hurricane that lay ahead of us…

Rosanna flew the nest on a Friday… and Kat became available to start work on very next Monday!

Everything about her just fit.

She learned fast and fearlessly stepped up to the many challenges the job presented.

Including the much needed help on the home-front!

Editing, Photoshop, Changing diapers, Booking flights, Interviewing brides,  Warming bottles, Styling shoots, Planning workshops, Picking up Aidan from school, Emails, Phone calls, More diapers, Meetings, Charging batteries, Packing gear,  Calming babies,  Travel, Shooting weddings, Album design, Giving us a date night, Retouching, Printing, Framing, 100 more diapers, Texting me, Texting Julie, More emails, Breaking down crying, Keeping Julie from crying, Cooking for boys, Calling clients, Pushing me to be creative, Dropping off Logan at preschool, Picking up Starbucks, Airport runs, Pushing me to finish website, Pushing me to blog more, Praying for my family, Downloading images, Backing up images, Listening to my crazy ideas, Picking my brain about photography, Uploading weddings to Pictage, Answering calls from photographers, Hiring models, Scanning receipts, Booking reservations, Bank deposits, Making lemonade for clients, More baby bottles, Shooting for inspiration, Learning Flash, Tracking me down when I miss a meeting, Rocking babies to sleep, Quickbooks, Begging me to blog more, Shopping for photo shoots, Invoicing, Formatting Cards, Packing my laptop, Taking kids to the park, oh man I could go on forever…

Mike Colon Associate Photographer Kat

The tasks listed above reveal why we think of Kat as our guardian angel.

I honestly don’t know how we would have gotten through the craziness of the last year and a half without her.

We can no longer keep her to ourselves.

She is far too talented to hide her behind closed doors any longer.

World…  I am so proud to introduce to you Kat Harris of Mike Colón Photographers!

She is now available to bless you too.  With her talent, style, personality, and photographs!

Visit Kat’s Blog (it’s new!) and say hello!

To View Kat’s Awesome Portfolio choose from the links below:




Bridal Fashion

A special thanks to the talented Trevor Hoehne for the photoshoot of Kat above!

I also want to give a shout out to Rosanna Marie Herd.. who was just as amazing as Kat and is now killing it in Atlanta with her own business.  Jared you rock too!

I saw God, Batman, and an Angel in Yosemite Sunday October 10, 2010 11:05PM PST Personal

Picture of Half Dome from Glacier Point - by Mike Colón

Photo:  Mike Colón

Sometimes getting away to the mountains helps clear my head.  It helps me see things the way they really are.  Last week, I took an RV road trip with 10 guys.  It started out a bit rough… 5:45am driving 100 mph in the carpool lane trying not to be the last one (thank you Edmund) to a church parking lot where we were swapping 10 cars for 2 RVs to begin our man-trip to Yosemite.  We made the first turn out of the church parking lot and a lost our huevos.  A case of 30 eggs flew out of the refrigerator creating a yellow river of yolk down middle of our new home.  Just the beginning…

A 12 inch cut from a barb wire fence, a large rock in the front grill of some poor girls car, and a collision with a tree were all sort of expected.  We were, after all, unleashed boys – no wives around to keep us out of trouble.  Male bonding at it’s best!  What was unexpected came later that evening while taking up Shaun (who wants me dead I think) on a dare to go out on a sketchy overhang 3,200 feet above the floor of Yosemite valley.

Glacier Rock Overhang Yosemite PicturePhotos: Derek Frenzel (left) and Gavin Wade (right)

Balanced carefully.. knees shaking.. staring death in the face… I saw God.  Not like the people you see on the news who find a shadow of Mother Mary on their backyard fence… well, kinda like that but I didn’t call the networks.  As I looked out into the clouds that were sweeping up the side of the cliff, it was like I was staring God in the face… and I couldn’t handle it.  It was a reality check… one that sent chills down my spine.  I allowed myself for a split second to think about the consequences of losing my balance or slipping.  I realized that I’m in no way ready to die.  I realized that I take life for granted and the clock is ticking.  I realized that every day is a gift from God and that my life is fragile.  I don’t want to waste another minute on the things that don’t matter.

Glacier Rock Overhang Yosemite Picture

Photos:  Eric Cotter (left) and Derek Frenzel (right)

The next morning at sunrise I must have wanted another close encounter so I climbed out onto another rock at the edge of the world. This time, when I turned around to get back to safer ground, my eyes shot upward to see what looked like batman descending out of the sky towards me.  It turned out to be a hawk who was hungry for some tall skinny guy.  He came close but didn’t finish the job because I was too fast and hit the deck (don’t laugh, you would too).  I couldn’t help but feel like I was out of balance with nature… like Matthew McConaughey in Failure To Launch.

It got me thinking about my life and how many things are out of balance.  I thought about my wife and all of the sacrifices she’s made for our family.  How she gets up in the morning with the babies so I can sleep.  How she’s given up so many of her dreams in music so she can stay home and raise our children.  Even the fact that she let me go on the trip leaving her at home with our 4 crazy kids.  While I was there laying in the back of the RV on the way down the Yosemite mountains, I saw her for what she really is… an angel.  Thanks baby for letting me take off and be Wild At Heart for a few days :)

A quick shout out to the guys (all of whom are talented photographers) who made this trip one for the history books.  Click on their names to see more images from the trip:  Austin Curtis (someone I can have a “real” talk with), Brandon Kidd (mature beyond his years.. thx for the nudge), Derek Frenzel (genuine and Godly), Edmund Prieto (fellow dare-devil, super talented), Eric Cotter (bloody mess most of the time, life of the party, smart), Gavin Wade (positive energy, giver), Gustavo Fernandez (always smiling, fun), Mike Larson (leader, cool and collected) and Shaun Austin (comedian, good heart, the man who made it happen!)